First ever ATC in Bangladesh

First ever ATC in Bangladesh

Become a flight attendant and have the best career

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Understand the tourism industry better than most people!

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Our Story

Wondering what it is like to work in the sky? Become a flight attendant and have the most exciting life. Not only do you get to call the sky your work place but you get a chance to visit new countries almost every day. Join us at Regent Aviation Academy and enroll in our flight cabin crew training programs to get the best experience. Regent Aviation Academy is the first IATA authorized training center that aims to provide the best training for all the applicants. We adhere to the international standards that IATA have set for us and we strongly believe that our courses will allow the applicants to step forward into a bright and promising career in the field of aviation.

We are one of the first aviation academies in Bangladesh with the aim of providing the top notch cabin crew and cabin service training. The academy was co-founded by Tanzina Ali , Director HR & Finance and Zohair Shafique, Director Airport Service & IT of Regent Airways, a Bangladesh based Commercial Airliner. The RAA was established back in 2015. We are the first IATA Authorized Training Centers (ATC) in Bangladesh. ATC are specialized training institutions that have been authorized by International Air Transport Association (IATA) to teach courses and provide training in the field of aviation. As per the ATC Authorization Agreement, all ATCS require to maintain a certain high quality of standards which we adhere to strictly. With Bangladesh working to build a more digital workforce, we believe that we can contribute to this goal by offering foundation courses and focusing on the service industry. Hence our goal of providing training in the fields of aviation.

Located in Uttara, next to Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway, the academy comprises of 1300 square feet of two classrooms that has seating capacity of 22 students. The classrooms are equipped with modern multimedia projector, flip charts, IT peripherals PC and other gadgets.

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Work In the Air as a Flight Cabin Crew

What can be better than flying? Getting paid while doing that! Become a flight attendant and take it to the skies. Get the chance to visit new countries, meet new people, and best of all, always be flying.


Regent Aviation Academy is the first IATA Authorized Training Centers in Bangladesh with founding concerns representing Regent Airways, one of the leading airlines operating out of Bangladesh, being the founders of RAA.  RAA was formulated back in 2015 with the aim of facilitating basic cabin crew and cabin service training. At Regent Aviation Academy, we offer you the chance to prepare yourself in taking one step forward in becoming a cabin crew member. Join us as we put you through rigorous and through training so that you are prepared to take the ultimate test in achieving your dreams of working in the sky!


RAA offers an 18 week long course which has been developed to train and prepare the candidates to become the perfect Airline cabin crew. This course is offered 4 times per annum and it is divided into two segments. The 16 weeks will see the candidates being trained and groomed. The two weeks will see the applicants being given 15 minutes initiation and 30 minutes assessment. This will be conducted within the 3 days of the first week of enrollment.


The International Air Transport Association or commonly known as the IATA, is the trade association for all the airlines from across the globe. As it stands, IATA represents around 290 airlines from all over the world, a number which makes up for 82% of the total air traffic population. They are responsible for overseeing the many different types of aviation activities in the industry as well as implementing industry polices and addressing critical aviation issues.

Enroll in our exciting courses

The aviation industry has over 9.9 million people employed with a GDP contribution of $664.5 billion USD worldwide. In fact the aviation industry makes up 1.6% of Bangladesh’s total GDP and it is expected to grow by almost 3.5 times more by the year 2036. The duration of our courses ranges from 10 to 12 week. All the courses utilize instructional techniques that assess the demerits first before following up with the merits. This basically meets the hospitality industry standard as well as the IATA certification.  So why not be a part of this growing industry and take our course for a golden future.

RAA Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew Training

Developed in accordance to IATA, this particular course introduces you to the skills and responsibilities that all major airlines look for. The course focuses on customer services, and how to deal with on flight difficult situations. It also introduces you to the airline industry and aircrafts in general. Along with that, you will also learn the cabin crew profession, coordination and communication. It is the ideal course for anyone looking to get a head in the airline industry.

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RAA Diploma in Foundation In Travel & Tourism with Galileo

This is the perfect course for anyone seeking to become an effective travel professional. Developed in accordance with IATA, this course will allow an individual to acquire the basic skills and knowledge that is needed to work in a travel and tourism industry. The person will become better at advising clients on where to travel, when to travel and help the clients out in every sector. He or she will learn on how to use the global distribution system in order to make and manage reservations.

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